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Delivering innovative design and content management solutions. At Ten Tribes, we put our customers first.

Ten Tribes Consulting came aboard when Alba Bespoke Cabins were a fledgling business and they have guided our marketing throughout to achieve growth that has exceeded our expectations.

We also provide...

  • Web shops
  • Third party apps
  • Product aggregation
  • Payment gateways
Supply Chain
  • Process automation
  • Web forms
  • Data collection
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Server provision
  • Hosting packages
  • AWS S3, Lightsail
  • Dedicated Servers
Member portals
  • FB integration
  • Member content
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social profiles
Customer Services
Online marketing
  • Marketing videos
  • Music production
  • Voice-overs
  • Online campaigns

More on web development...

In simple terms a CMS is a piece of software that enables a user to login and edit information in a "Word Style" interface in order to update text, images and video assets on their web site or web portal.

The CMS does this in such a way as to allow a user or users different privileges depending on their role. Thus, a CMS can show each user different information based on who they are, and whatever level of acceas they require to files, pages, site areas or other data.

With the addition of Automation and AI, a web site or web portal can become a "Control Centre" for your business. You can trigger bank statement downloads, statement reconciliation, social media post updates, and just about any other task that can be done by a human. Speak to us today about our intelligent automation solutions.

In short, YES! If you choose to, and have some basic HTML skills. Our CMS makes it really easy to update your own site, but you will need some rudimentary skills in layout, and a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and image opotimisation.

If that sounds too technical, then we can take care of the hard work for you. It all depends on what makes the most sense for your business.

We can create simple training videos to help you get the most from your site - this is something we have done for the vast majortity of our CMS users.

If someone makes a mistake, this can normally be fixed in a couple of minutes by undoing the changes that were made. The CMS we use saves a history of all of the changes made to the site, and this can be "Rolled Back" to a previous version at the click of a button.

What’s more, Ten Tribes keeps a daily database backup for our CMS users that means you'll always have access to previous versions of your website. Our database backups are kept for several weeks, so you have the peace of mind of knowing that your site is safe!

More on web marketing...

Yes, Ten Tribes can help you promote your business online through a series of online ads, tailored to specific demographics and within certain geographic regions. We can also undertake customer surveys to get to the heart of what your customers are looking for, and turn that into campaigns that deliver ROI.

Check out our recent Case Studies that show how we created a massive influx of quality targetted referrals for one of our clients. This lead to a £1.75m order for them, making them one of our largest clients we have, almost overnight!

Not at all. There is an up-front cost in terms of us firstly analysing and optimising your current website to make sure that it's aligned with any campaigns we want to look at. Then we set about creating campaigns that will provide quality leads for your business. We use something called a "Funnel" for this.

From a purely cost perspective (ignoring the other benefits mentioned below) we aim to provide ROI within the first two months of any campaigns we set up. We do this through a process of long-tail, short-tail and market segment keywords, gradually monitoring and optimising your conversion strategy, and then budgeting around results gained month on month.

Also, because we build all our online campaigns with a very simple formula, once your campaigns are running, we automate their management using specialised "bots". This is our USP - and a service that our clients love...

We use Google, Linked-In and Facebook. Once your campaign is set up, Our bots get to work 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year optimising and refining your campaigns. They are continually assessing your competition, looking at their online strategies, and providing feedback on any changes or optimisations that are required.

This provides Ten Tribes with a unique proposition, and the ability for us to out-maveuvre (on your behalf) your competition. Through our online reporting service, we provide you with precise metrics that show the effectiveness of each campaign against it's defined goals.

For a demo of our reporting infrastructure, just get in touch with Mike Palmer. Mike can be contacted on his mobile.

FD Intelligence specialise in Robotic Process Automation

Our web sites work hard for our customers!

Ten Tribes designs and develops sites that work hard for our customers. Our clients are able to:

  • Provide member only content and extranet services.
  • Be fully secure and GDPR compliant.
  • Market to their customers through CMS tools.
  • Gain insights into customer behaviours.

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Why choose Ten Tribes?

  • Expert developers and designers.
  • We understand your business imperatives.
  • Team involvement and buy-in from start to finish.
  • We can design your site, and your online campaigns.
  • Extensive knowledge and resources.
  • Deliver customer peace of mind.

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What is Automation?

Put simply, Automation is the act of programming a Software bot to behave in the same way that a human behaves within a computer application or website. Normally it's applied to mundane, everyday tasks your employees hate. If your staff are doing repetitive daily, weekly, or month-end tasks that are static in nature, easily repeatable, and unlikely to change, then speak to us today!


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